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    Spicer Nordiska Kardan are a company in the Dana group located in Åmål, Sweden, delivering driveshafts to commercial and off highway vehicles.
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    Flange yoke manufacturing.
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    Tube yoke manufacturing.
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    Joint assembly robot cell.
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    Journal cross assembled in robot cell.
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    Finished driveshaft packed in sequence.

Welcome to Spicer Nordiska Kardan AB

Spicer Nordiska Kardan is a subsidiary of the global Dana Incorporated producing Spicer® brand driveshafts for the commercial and off-highway vehicles.

The plant specializes in producing the world-renowned Spicer® Compact Series™ driveshaft which is recognized as the standard for the global commercial-vehicle industry offering maximum performance and reliability, together with the highest power-density driveline solution.

Our core competencies include machining, assembly, balancing and finishing. Most of our production is packed in sequence and delivered Just-in-Time to our customers. We employ over 100 people and deliver approximately 165.000 complete shafts per year as well as supporting aftersales service needs.

The plant is approved to ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.

1894. AB Per Perssons Väf- och Stickmaskiner was founded in Stockholm. Manufacturing of weaving and knitting machines was started.

1939. Per Perssons starts the production of propeller shafts for military vehicles.

1950's. Production for Volvo started.

1962. Birfield Ltd. in UK acquires Per Perssons. Weaving and knitting production ceases.

1966. GKN takes over Birfields and Per Perssons changes its name to Nordiska Kardan AB.

1973. Nordiska Kardan moves from Stockholm, to a new built factory in Åmål.

1990's. Nordiska Kardan becomes pioneer in JIT sequenced deliveries to Volvo.

1998. Spicer Compact Series Driveshaft commences production, replacing old designs.

2000. Plant is acquired by Dana Corporation. The company was named Spicer Nordiska Kardan AB.

2020 Spicer Compact + Series Driveshaft commences production, replacing old designs.